Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mike Posner

"One Foot Out The Door" Episode 1: Back To School...And Off To Atlanta from Mike Posner on Vimeo.

Figured its about time to put you guys up on Mike Posner by introducing you to Episode I of his web series - "One Foot Out the Door". Posner signed to J Records off the strength of his debut mixtape, A Matter of Time (click to DL). Not gonna front, I only downloaded it for the couple tracks he had on there with Big Sean, but after finally listening to it after sitting on the zip file for a few months, I realized it had a nice vibe to it, and it earned its spot in the 6 disc cd-changer in the ride for the better part of the summer.

There was something familar about, but the sounds was still different enough to be refreshing. Peter Edge, president of A&R at J Records/RCA, agrees, describing Posner: “He’s hip-hop, he’s soulful, he’s singer-songwriter, but in his melodies and sensibilities, it’s all funneled through popular music,” he says. “It all gets mashed together in today’s mainstream.”

Since I know people require comparisons before checking new music out, I'd say he's like a less pop Justin Timberlake (Let's be honest, his first song on the mixtape is about falling in love with his drug dealer girl, lol).Oh, and did I mention that despite signing a record deal this summer and touring the states, kid is still finishing his senior year at Duke? If nothing else, download it for the couple of Big Sean tracks, it worked for me...