Sunday, October 11, 2009

Red Wing x AA (Boat Shoes)

"An American Heritage product, Red Wing Shoes have been handcrafted in the US for more than 100 years. Charles H. Beckman first organized the company in Red Wing, MN in 1905, where its first pair of boots sold for just $1.75. In the years between 1907 to 1915, production increased from 100 pairs per day to 200,000 annually. Red Wing boots became standard issue for the World War I military. The 70's marked the company's global expansion and by 1985 Red Wing was producing two million pairs of shoes a year, in 150 styles. Today, Red Wing is the most respected manufacturer of boots and shoes around the world, and the company's craftspeople continue to make each pair by hand.

Classic and comfortable, this style is one of Red Wing's most widely recognized.

Upper: 100% Leather construction Sole: 100% Leather construction Made for American Apparel by Red Wing Shoes"
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