Friday, October 02, 2009

Supreme - Fall Winter 2009 Line Up

A lot of people ask, "What's the big deal with Supreme, why do they get so much love in the Streetwear community?" In my opinion, it comes down to 3 things: Tradition, Quality, and Timelessness. Supreme, along with other brands such as Stussy, Freshjive, STPL, have been on the forefront of this culture, and all still remain relevant today. I think the staying power is something to note. While they do sometimes jump a bit far outside the box (Malcom Mclaren Vans collab? Eeks!), their designs are usually on point, and always set trends throughout the community. Another thing that is often overlooked is QUALITY. Supreme has been in to the cut and sew game for years, and as the end users know, there is a huge difference between having a dope design printed up on a standard blank shirt, and designing a shirt or sweatshirt template with a poroper fit and incorporating your design on that piece. Put that together with the fact that a majority of their accessories and clothing being is made in the USA, and you have the Ralph Lauren of the Streetwear world - timeless designs on quality gear.