Monday, October 12, 2009

Complex Presents - Top 100 Shirts of the 2000's

If you have about 20 mins to burn, scroll through Complex Mag's list of the Top 100 Shirts of the decade.

I'll save you some time and let you know the Supreme x Kate Moss 10th Anniversary shirt took the cake (fair enough).Complex writes: "This Supreme graphic originally stems from the the street version—Supreme team members slapped shop stickers on the supermodel's Calvin Klein ads. It was released for the shop's 10-year anniversary, and got the co-sign from Ms. Moss."

Naturally there were some key shirts left off the list, but what can you do, that's what these lists are designed for, to spark debate.

Anyway, here are, in my opinion, the 3 hottest shirts left off the list:

1. 3Sixteen - Melrose Place/Harlem World tee.
2. The Hundreds x Kurupt - The Streetz shirt
3. 3Sixteen - Cousins shirt

Oh, and this hot Mighty Healthy is easily top-5.