Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneaker Wars - The Enemy Brothers Who Founded Adidas and Puma and the Family Feud That Forever Changed the Business of Sports

I read this book earlier this year, and tried to write an entry for SBC to no avail. I couldn't find the words to capture the essense of this book, but I just kept coming back with "Amazing". The booked managed to tell the come up of the two shoe companies, all while intertwined with family drama, world history, back stage scenes at various Sports/Olympics events with world-class athletes, and all-around corruption.

While perusing DIMEMAG (my favorite BBALL site on the net), I came across an interesting headline, "Adidas and PUMA settle decades long feud in soccer game", which quickly grabbed my attention. Although its hard to truly understand the nature of this bitter rivalry without reading the history presented in the book, check the article here, and definitely pick up the book at your local retailer.