Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Hundreds x Lance Montoya

I was just having a conversation with one of my friends today, when I was telling him that he should stop by The Hundreds flagship store while in SF, and he initially replied, "Why, to buy some overpriced t-shirts?". I think we eventually came to the conclusion that its a "too each their own" type thing, where some people look at it as "I can get 3 t shirts at Target for the price of one shirt at The Hundreds", whereas other people may be looking to support a smaller company that produces all of their products in the US and doesn't get the same bulk discounts as larger corporations, or perhaps the message the clothes convey (California subculture/beachwear/skate wear/ode to punk & or hip hop roots), or maybe its the collaborations they put on with industry types, artists, musicians, or other talented individuals from all walks of life.

The image above depicts Lance “Link” Montoya putting the finishing touches on his "Self-Titled" collaborative sculpture that was then shot at the TH headquarters in LA, with additional graphics being added to the image to give it a 90's feel before being incorporated into a t-shirt. Why you ask? Because Lance Montoya was the artist responsible for all of the sculptures used in the original Primus album covers. Check TH site here for more background on the collab project, Montoya himself, and the overall process, and click here to see the final products, which are available today (9.10.09) at TH LA/SF/Online.

I honestly don't know of another brand that can utilize references from 90's hard core bands (above), classic early 2000's gangsta rap records, or everyone's favorite graphics from the 80's all so seamlessly.