Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Jamal Crawford

There was a great article in the Daily Breeze on Sunday (yes, I still subscribe to a newspaper, and a local one at that) about how Jamal Crawford obtained the foot injury that kept him out of action for two games last week. Apparently, my man J Cross hurt his feet from wearing an old pair of shoes (the same pair of shoes he's been wearing since training camp)!

"I'm superstitious. I wanted to keep the same pair. I wore them at home and on the road. I couldn't really feel them. They were flimsy and dirty. If you looked at them, they looked pretty beat up. So I , think that's what happened, doing a move." When he was kindly reminded that the sneaker companies send players free shoes, free of charge, he responded "It's just a feel. Once they're good, I just hold onto them. I'm a creature of habit."

Apparently another habit of JCross is doing people dirty on the court - because on a team full of superstars and athleticism (Blake, CP3, DJ, Ebled aka Mini-Lebron) - Crawford often steals the show for the Clippers to the delight of ClipSet fans everywhere. For a man so humble and reserved, he has one of the flashiest and disrespectful games out there. Absolutely love it. Check out some of Jamal's finer Clipper moments after the jump.