Thursday, February 16, 2012

10Ille | Candy Jams

If you were one of the many people who downloaded and loved the Cool Kids' Gone Fishing and Tackle Box mixtapes, then you should be pretty familiar with singer 10ille (pronounced Tennille). She appeared on both of those projects along with Sir Michael Rocks' solo mixtape debut, The Rocks Report, and she's worked with buzzing Detroit spitter Boldy James. But in the case of this post, the focus is solely on 10ille through her new Candy Jams. Well, OK, it's also on the absolutely great production from Cool Kid Chuck Inglish, who handles the bulk of the synth-heavy beats on here. If you like your R&B with a touch of fuzz and plenty of low end, you're going to dig this. -via Prefix

I couldn't have said it better so I let them explain. If your looking for a taste of what your getting into check out the track "Love Shot" off this short EP. I couldn't give you a full preview so hopefully that'll give you an idea. Its only like 5 tracks but well worth the DL. Enjoy!

DL: Candy Jams EP