Monday, February 06, 2012

Wiz Khalifa | Cosmic Kev Freestyle

In the spirit of getting back into the roots of Hip Hop (feestyles) I figured I'd hit you with this somewhat old freestyle from the TGOD leader himself, Wiz. In my eyes good music comes few and far between its also so subjective and everyone isn't going to love everything I post. Here is the thing why are we judging people's music because they talk about females, or they're soft becuase ___, or he spits about this and that and I can't relate? I'm guilty of this most recently with Rick Ross. Although I can't relate to what he talks about he definitely makes good music. All these points are important but at the end of the day isn't music made for ultimately the sound or feeling you get from the sound? Then if you can relate its just a bonus.... I had a really good convo with my cousin when I went back to Ohio and eventually I will post some of his points, they were amazing points and if we put music into perspective and really think about its purpose we'd stop judging it over things that are somewhat irrelevant. Good music is good music. That rant had nothing to do with this post aside from the fact that I think some of the music that has been coming out lately hasn't been the best all around. What I like about this site is I get to post things I like and think are quality tracks you should check out. You may like Lil B, but I can't appreciate his music. That will be the only jab I'll throw on here. I'd like to focus on the good rather then the bad. This beat is dope and Wiz spits some nice bars. He's came a long way! Enjoy!

DL: Wiz Freestyle