Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Day Today: While You Were Sleeping (Video)

Seeing new music releases have been super slow thought I'd hit you with this bad boy. I love behind the scenes especially studio sessions. Wiz has been doing this Day Today thing for a hot minute and I think it has been one of the reason he's grown such a huge following people always want to see what there favorite artist is doing behind the scenes. Aside from the usual Gin & Weed you can see guest appearances by Tyler of Odd Future, Pharell & TGOD crew. This is actually pretty funny and entertaining. Enjoy!

Update: How different is Wiz' wardrobe now I kind of dig it. If you curious to where his head is fashion wise check out his tumblr.

Also that Pharell chain is fresh. You ever think about how things always come back around? Chains kind of died, but I can see them coming back real soon.