Saturday, September 17, 2011

Like | Funky Drummer Reprise

First off I know I big up and hype up a lot of artist but it's only because of my love and passion for music. When I hear good music which comes few and far between with all of this other trash, I celebrate it and big it up an hype it up. With that being said every knows I think PAC DIV is one of the hardest rap groups since Outkast in my opinion. I will explain rather let Like my man up top explain or should I say back up my point. This is a old school James Brown track that Like 1/3 of PAC DIV jumps on a freestyles from beginning to end without stopping and ON ONE TAKE. These dudes just left Universal and are Independent which mean they're HUNGRY. Look out for The Div 11.1.11. Listen to this and tell me this isn't hip hop at its finest. #RESPECT.

DL: Funky Drummer Reprise (Freestyle)