Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chi Duly | The Morning (Remix) Ft. Kenton Dunson (Chi Duly Remix)

I know your going to look at this cover and think hmm another Weeknd remix whatever whatever... Well I'm going to say this, no one would ever think to speed up the Weeknd's music vibe but everyone thinks slow or chopped n screwed Weeknd all the time it just makes sense. Well this guy Chi Duly made this work and made it work well, this sound is so dynamic and easy on the ears. It immediately made me dance through the whole song (video footage to prove it). Thank me later and do your self a favor and download this. Pre game to this. Listen to this in the car on the way to the club. Ask the DJ to play this in the club. Play it on the way home from the club. Enjoy!

DL: The Morning Chi Duly Remix