Friday, September 02, 2011

The Black Keys | Blakroc 2 (Trailer)

So I had the opportunity to meet some guys from NY who came in the office that help manage The Black Keys and this was not too long ago and with me being the music buff it was kind of embarrassing. I was so busy I never got the chance to look them up until this was posted then I immediately went to DL the album. All I'm going to say is these guys are blues at its finest. Be on the lookout for them and this project seems super fresh minus DAME DASH.... Anyways, go check out there album Brothers.

Also I thought it was interesting to learn that these guys were from Akron hometown of Lebron James... and my parents. Crazy how many connections your life has when you think about it. Not like I know them but interesting to see how things lineup.

SiLK Update: Version 1 of the Blackroc LP did get the OSTT seal of approval back in 09, and the cosign definitely lives on - classic stuff.