Friday, July 29, 2011

Strada Custom Bikes

Have you ever ridden your bike to a bar with a group of friends during the day, left the bar at night with that same group of friends on your bike, then disappeared and woken up the next morning without your bike and the last memory you have is playing the running game home? Yeah, me neither. My boy (editors note - name removed) has though - and is currently in the market for a new bike since he has no idea where his old one is.

That being said, he's on the prowl, and found this new company - Strada Custom Bikes - that always helps you customize a fixed gear bike for an affordable rate. Check out their process here. These will run you a bit more than Big Shot Bikes featured a couple days ago - but I think they have some different colors (like the OSTT fav, Teal) and options that make it worth consideration.