Friday, July 08, 2011

Pusha T | Trouble On My Mind (Ft. Tyler The Creator)

Wow!!!!!! Now I'm no fan of the OFWGKTA movement and I wasn't a fan of Goblin but Tyler is dope on this type of music. Pusha T always comes with it. I think the best thing Tyler has going is his voice (pause) it's different and it goes well with these simple head no beats. This song is bananas would love to hear a whole CD with these two such a huge contrast. Enjoy!

DL: Trouble On My Mind

SiLK Update - Had to comment on my dude's post here - couldn't agree more (well, aside from the fact that I am a OFWGKTA fan) - but this beat was tailor-made for Tyler. We all know Pharrel is Tyler's ultimate idol and he emulates the Neptunes on the production boards (if you add 12 shades of darkness) - but this track begs the question - did Pharrel make this beat and think Tyler had to be on it? Or did he make this beat specifically for Tyler? Nuts. And Pusha T does what we've come to expect over the last 7+ years - KILLS it. Great song... Puts a couple notable blogs (2dopeboyz, NahRight) in an interesting position - they've never posted OFWGKTA music in the past because they thought it was wack - then ignored them altogether once the disses started - but even they can't deny this track right, especially with Pusha T on their? They've stuck to their guns with Lupe, so we'll see if the Tyler ban continues....