Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lil Wayne | Sorry 4 The Wait (Mixtape)

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OSTT Tracks: Tunechi's Back, Rollin', Gucci Gucci, Marvin's Room, Sure Thing, Grove St. Party (Minus Lil B), Racks, Sorry 4 the Wait, IDK,

Pro's: I think he chose some pretty dope tracks. I personally like how he incorporates some of the original artists style when he freestyles. I would like to see him on more beats like Tupac's back & Grove St. Party his energy is unparalleled. Overall a decent tape its free so how can we hate. I can see myself banging this for a couple weeks but until August 29th when C4 comes out IDK. Speaking about IDK haha that track is an outro and it made me LOL a couple times hahaha I felt him on that one dope how he add libs certain things super funny and different I dig it. Also that Adele remake is pretty dope has a lot of energy and he kills it.

Cons: The tape is way too short. Mixtapes often are shorter versions of songs with like 20+ tracks and not only is the album 12 tracks but the songs aren't that long. Not sure if this will have high re-playability to hardcore Wayne fans. Also why in the world did he get Lil B on a track blows my mind to me that was one of the better songs and Lil B killed it and not in a good way at times he doesn't even rap on beat. I know I'm no rapper but I have a ear for music and tone his is off. My last note I think with Drake & Wayne becoming super popular he kept them off and highlighted Gudda & Twist. Those tracks are the tracks I didn't like. I'm sure he wanted the focus on him but adding Drake & Minaj would have made this a tad bit better....

Overall its free so def worth the DL.

ALT DL: Sorry 4 The Wait