Friday, July 22, 2011

Jo & Hop Presents... | OSTT Vol. III (Mixtape)

First off want to start of with my thank yous. I know that's outside of the norm usually they save those for the end but in true OSTT fashion we like to be different than the norm. So special thanks to my two partners in crime @PrinceofGundo & @Jose7en for laying out the slick artwork and helping me have a place to share music. Also thanks for those who have been supporting the last 2 mixtapes, this blog and the music post I share with you.

On this edition we have a wide range of music. Not sure which track is my favorite but the intro slowly brings you in with a soulful vibe and ends on a upbeat note. Just put it on in the car or at work and let it play.

Hit the jump for the tracklist and download Link.


The actual process to choose the music for Vol. III was actually a crazy one. We went from having 2 mixtapes with about 20+ tracks a piece to just one with 13 tracks and 1 bonus song. So much music comes out on a daily basis its extremely hard to keep up with it. We try to narrow it down to the hottest tracks to share and more stuff comes out while we're selecting tracks, so it becomes increasingly difficult. Along with that being said I also don't want these mixtapes to have too many songs that you hear from every other blog or on the radio. also helped me open my ears up along with my buddies sharing new music with me on a daily. Both have been extremely helpful in giving me something different to listen to and enjoy. Hope you enjoy it as well.