Thursday, April 28, 2011

Odd Future - Golf Wang Shirt

You've heard the music.
You've seen the videos.
You've read about the industry co-signs.
You've followed my tweets about Earl Sweatshirt being the best young rapper since NaS dropped Illmatic (Speaking of which, some of you took the #freeearl campaign to new heights).

Love 'em or hate 'em - there is no in between with the OFWGKTA crew. My thoughts? I typically support any music crew that is from the West and pushing boundries/doing something different. The fact that I've I'd numerous run-ins with them over at Fairfax before they blew and they exuded the same care-free "IJDGAF" attitude they do now in their music and interviews - I'm a fan.

Kind of went off on a tangent there - but the point of this post was to say they just release some official shirts/merchandise you can cop here. Support the future, Odd as it may be.