Friday, April 15, 2011

Freshjive - Spring 2011

When Freshjive first announced that they were removing themselves from their namesake, 'logo' and 'branding' back in 2009, I was a little concerned for them - I thought it was a really dope undertaking - to remove themselves from the concept of branding altogether - but I wondered if they were going to get lost in the shuffle. More than a year in to it - I can say that they have successfully pulled it off. By making their gear less brand-centric - they have really been able to focus on their designs. My personal biggest draw to their new style hasn't been in the look at all - but rather, the quality. Softer blanks used for T's. Better fit on the cut 'n sew. Greater attention to detail. Rick Klotz - keep doing it. View the Spring collection here.