Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JJ Redick busted for DWI

Great, just what the Dukies need, more 'good' press to keep everyone in a huffy.

I had high hopes for JJ going at #8 to the Rockets to play with my boy Skip, now we'll see if he even cracks the lottery (8 was awfully high to begin with, but hey...)

Check the story @ ESPN

Now, I'm not the smartest man in the world (what up Drew!), but I'd like to think that busting an illegal u-turn right before a DUI checkpoint would probably draw a little attention to you. I'm not suggesting trying to get by on your 'fame', but he is a recognizable face, and cops don't always play fair, why not try and play it cool and see if you can slide by? Of course, because Redick cracks under pressure (As a Duke fan, I can say that, look at his NCAA tourney numbers)

Maybe now everyone will lay off my boy Daniel Ewing?