Thursday, June 29, 2006

THE HUNDREDS Summer Collection

Looks like the friendly folks over at (The Hundreds)released their '06 Summer Line...

They have their usual HOT tee's, but also through in some jeans, shorts, and cut&sew items. They are doing it big this time around.

Here is my personal favorite tee of the collection. If you are from Southern Cali and this shirt doesn't take you back, i don't know what will. Crazy Collab shirt with Steve Nazar (the artist for T&C back in the day) Picture and description courtesty of (Digital Gravel)(where you can cop this shirt and the rest of the collection! don't sleep though, we all know The Hundreds stuff sells out QUICK)

'Surf Wars' t-shirt
Artist Steve Nazar is known for the most recognizable t-shirt graphics from ’80s surf culture. This summer, The Hundreds worked with him on two parody graphics that are based off of some of the most iconic tees from our Southern Cali childhood, with a contemporary L.A. subculture twist, this being the second...featuring a dope original illustration of crazy LAish characters all riding the same wave. Dope bright colors for the front logo print too.

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