Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cicada - Leather Mason Jar Coozy

So the story goes - the other night my wife was at work and found this item on her lunch break that she really wanted to buy. Problem was, there was only 1 left and she didn't have to create account and buy it before she had to get back to the grind. She sent me a link and asked me to create an account and pick it up for her. What is the site you ask? Etsy. "Wait, isn't this the home-made craft store that is built by women for women? Whatever." Purchased her the wallet she wanted, and started looking around. Stigma be damned, there is actually some pretty cool stuff on there worthy of checking out. I stumbled on this brand, Cicada, while perusing. Specializing in simple, minimalistic leather products hand made right here in the US - you know I'm in, and had to share.

Other quality goods from Cicada for sale:
Snap-hook leather key chain
Pencil/Pen/Sunglasses Case
Leather Bike Pant Strap
Screw it - just check the whole shop here.