Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reebok Question - Re-release

There have been rumors for months and months - but finally its a reality. Reebok has re-released the classic first signature shoe of Allen Iverson - the Questions. This shoe brings me back to 8th grade (damn - just dated myself) - and I'm pumped that it re-released. Nice Kicks had an excellent interview with Todd Krinsky, Reebok's VP, which is DEFINITELY worth a read.  It covers AI's involvement in the process, career highlights, plans for the shoe, and overall legacy. Oh, and don't think there weren't some #Shotsfired with this quote:

“I think it’s important that Allen’s stamp is still on this. I’m not really sure how the other brands work and I’m not really sure when the other brand’s bring product back if they engage the athlete— I don’t know how they do it. For us, it was really important that we went to AI and said, ‘Hey this is what we’re planning on doing. We want to do it in 2012 and we want you to be involved.” - Todd Krinsky, Reebok Vice President