Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catch Surf

When I was in middle school (shoot, high school even), back when the internet was still in its infancy stage, there wasn't really a "go to" location for checking out gear. My main two sources were Eastbay catalogs, which were like gold, and surfer and bodyboarding magazines (living in a beach community, our middle school library subscribed to both). I remember checking out the ads in the mags (not just the classic Reef ads, either), and always being disappointed when our local surf stores didn't have the product I wanted. Anyway, I was down in San Diego, and was checking out a magazine, and stumbled on a brand from San Clemente that I hadn't previously heard of - Catch Surf. Not sure if their Beater logo drew me in, or again, the use of Bodyboards in the ad, but it was enough to get me to check out their gear online. Long story short - they have some dope gear that bring my back to the simpler times with surf shirts of old. Check it out (more after the jump).