Thursday, May 03, 2012

JHop Presents: OSTT Vol. V -XO Edition-

It's that time again. I've been trying to find ways to be different then these other blogs. The problem is we are so over saturated with music we often miss good songs or only play songs for a couple days and then it's on to the next one. Also music is so subjective and I often see what people like and hate on these other blogs and it boggles my mind. Here is why I say this, people like to follow people who everyone else isn't following and they're loyal to certain artist until they blow up or until the majority jumps on the wagon then want to move on to the next artist. I can go on and on and I'm sure you've heard me say this before but I love music too much and have listened to more music in my lifetime then I can remember. Everyone won't agree with all of my music taste but enough people have told me they like my choices for me to believe I have somewhat of a musical ear. With that said here is the next volume of the OSTT mixtape series.

With OSTT Vol. V I wanted to slow it down for all the people who love R&B and need a break from the hip hop. I got inspiration to do this from a good friend and I tried to tell a story based on what most people go through when they feel a certain way the ups and downs, the thought process etc. When you listen to the songs you'll see from 1-19 its like a ride. The cover inspiration also sums up that moment and evokes emotion we've all felt that moment right before the kiss. I'm sure most of you understand and if not maybe you will after this tape. A lot of these songs are old some are new but that's the point I'm making that we are too over saturated maybe some of these songs will bring back old memories or spark new ones. Either way enjoy. For all you rap fiends no worries Volume VI will be dropped today as well. Download, listen and share.

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Download: OSTT Vol. V -XO Edition-