Saturday, April 07, 2012

Stussy - Radar Tank

I was having a talk with my pop's the other day - telling him how "in" camo prints are this season. Everywhere you look - all the cool guys are rocking Camo - whether it be shorts (HUF SF), jackets (The Hundreds), pants (Supreme), bags/accessories (Hershel), hats (HUF) - whatever else (OBEY), it's all over. He finds it pretty ironic, being that he spent 10+ years of his life travelling the world (Germany, France, London, Greece, Asia, etc) during his stint in the army as a US Ranger Batallion (get a few drinks in him - the stories will flow, and the stories are endless).

Anyway, he disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with 20 different camo jackets - having a story for each. I came out with 2 - one issued by the US (I took one with his patches removed - didn't want to front on my experience. Why are the patches removed you ask? Because he would trade his patches to German teens at the pubs in exchange for Beers). I also came out with a camo jacket from the British Army. Apparently a british soldier was going to be stationed in Ireland in winter - and wanted a warmer sleeping bag (the US' army equipment was superior - who'd of thunk) - so pops traded him the sleeping bag for the Brit's full army uniform - pretty dope.

Yikes - got off track a bit. Purchase the tank pictured above over at Stussy now! Oh - and don't forget to check all the links for the camo products mentioned above - lot of good stuff out now.