Tuesday, April 03, 2012

OSTT Music | Weekly Roundup (Mixtapes)

In the past week there have been a few solid mixtapes that have dropped. I may not have added all of them but these are the ones I think are buzzworthy. You may have heard some of these names before and others you may not have. Hit the jump for a preview.

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Stalley releases his debut mixtape under Maybach Music Group titled Savage Journey To The American Dream. All tracks were mixed by Young Guru, and features production from the Block Beattaz, Chad Hugo, and Soundtrakk, as well as verses from Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Curren$y and more. I shouldn't have to tell you more then that but take a listen its a solid tape with dope beats and good lyrics.

This one has significant meaning to me. So not too long ago I got to go to Orlando to interview a bunch of artist and athletes during All-Star Weekend and one of my first interviews was with Ace Hood. Wish I could clear all that stuff with Beats by Dre, which was who I was representing but we'll have to wait for all that. What I did want to share with you all was how intelligent and humbled Ace Hood was... He is a hungry rapper just trying to support his daughter and feed his family with hopes of one day winning a Grammy. I know that may sound like other rappers but if you were there to hear the certainty and honesty in his voice you'd understand. He spoke very well and was passionate about his music and if you think about it all his songs have to do with going to get it or hustlin' hard or for instance even the meaning of starvation... There is a common theme and it shows in how hard he raps when you listen to his music. I say this to say support good artist who are hungry and spread positive energy and positive vibes. I still think he's super underrated as an artist. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

I mentioned this artist in the singles post. If you haven't got the chance to check him out yet your missing out. His last mixtape was excellent and I would even bet he produced or wrote some of your favorite artist music. All these tracks are original and def worth checking out. Enjoy!

If you have been following - Miguel released part 1 not too long ago which to me I think was better but I couldn't just give you part 1 and not follow up with part 2. This one is unique because he has a rack where he leaves the verses out for an artist to jump on. So if your an artist looking to work some magic with Miguel hit the Broads track up. Enjoy!

So this guy is so new he doesn't even have a mixtape preview on Datpiff but I think some of you will really enjoy it. Check out this quick preview via illroots..

When Chance The Rapper came up with the idea for 10 Day, he was on a week and a half long suspension from his high school in Chicago. Now, a year later, Chance has truly cooked up one of the most put together mixtapes we’ve heard in a while with features and production from Chuck Inglish, Blended Babies, Nico Segal, Caleb James, Vic Mensa, Sulaiman and more. The buzz that the SaveMoney rapper has built off this project alone is crazy, with #10Day trending in the Chi since earlier this morning. Don’t sleep on this project, it’s really good. We’re expecting great things from Chance in the future and this is really the perfect introduction to him as an artist. 10 Day ho!

DL: 10 Day