Tuesday, April 03, 2012

OSTT Music | Weekly Roundup (Singles)

Back again with a bunch of dope tracks that I've collected over the last week for you so you can listen to it all at once instead of checking back everyday and possibly missing something. I assume you all are cool with my selections since I didn't have anyone reach out to me with dope music. Hopefully you find some music that you like since it's quite tedious gathering all these tracks for you and putting them in one place. If you missed last weeks post check it out here. This week we have another good range from Kelly Rowland to Kendrick Lamar to Azalea Banks.

Check back next Tuesday for another weekly roundup. Enjoy!

Azealia Banks - Fuck Up the Fun

So most of you may know the females have been on a strong grind in 2012. Kanye has been backing Ms. Banks. If you've been following the other blogs you know she's been beefing with Iggy Azalea who did the song Pu**y. I have a feeling this one was about her. I dig her style and anytime Diplo touches anything it seems to turn into gold. Enjoy!

Meek Mill - I'm Rollin

Meek has been gaining a lot of steam lately in this one he kind of switched it up in my opinion. This is one of those club songs that will get the girls going haha. I like it because it shows a little versatility in Meek. He's def starting to grow on me. Enjoy!

Johnny Polygon - Limosexsuperstar

Mr Polygon where in the hell have you been? This guy was gaining a lot of buzz back in the day well a couple years ago which in internet years is like 10 years ago... He was one of my favorite because he was weird but his sound was in the same vein as Theophilus London & old school Cudi.... This one is slated to be on Pu**y Gun. Stay tuned.

Childish Gambino - Eat Your Vegetables

D. Money fresh off a lot of things but most recently his Camp CD which grew on me big time. He comes with this one which is a little bit more street in my opinion. I dig it. This one is a little bit more digestible and I think you will like it.

Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe

I'm going to keep the words to a minimal and let your ears tell you what I think. Kendrick and his TDE gang is now signed with Interscope which I won't comment on you got to get your money and with Dre backing him this is his first single off his upcoming album. Its a banger but I didn't expect anything less...

T.I. - Love This Life

This one kind of threw me for a second but I see what T.I. is trying to do and I got a week to listen to this one and it grew on me because of how catchy and slow it is. I hope the rest of his upcoming album isn't like this but for those that like this kind of music or I should say this sound I figured I'd please you. Enjoy!

Curren$y (ft. Wale) - What It Look Like

It seems as though everyone loves Curren$y but I'm torn because I love his lyrics but he's monotone and raps the same way every song and his beats are okay but that's just my opinion. He doesn't have any beats that make you say "Oh my that's a banger" for whoever says that hahaha, anyway my point is this is the first time I heard a song by him and in the first 10 seconds I was like I'm def going to post that to OSTT... You can kind of tell this was around when Ambition came out because it sort of sounds like it could be on that album. I could be wrong but either way this one is pretty solid.

Kelly Rowland (ft. Future & Bei Maejor) - Need A Reason

I had to add a good R&B track. Kelly has been grinding in many ways and I dig her music. It's refreshing to hear someone else besides Rihanna or Beyonce this song is pretty smooth and for those that don't know Bei Maejor has been doing his thing on the producing and writing tip for a minute. Check the Mixtape post for his new work. Enjoy!

Sir Michael Rocks - Hit A Lick x Pajama Pants

Yes!!!! So supposedly next week SMR is releasing Premier Politics 1.5 which are a collection of tracks left off of last years Premier Politics which was a absolute banger of a mixtape so I look forward to hearing what those will sound like. For now below are 2 that will be off that. I was worried because he's signed to Jet Life so I didn't think I'd get any more of this SMR. The verdict is still out though as I haven't heard any projects under the Jet Life label set to be released. Enjoy!