Saturday, June 11, 2011

Khemist - Money's on the Way ft Tyler James

My boy Dilemma hit me up yesterday on Twitter (HELLO WORLD!) to share some tracks he's been working on with a new artist, Khemist. Last time Dilemma was MIA for a bit, he came out of nowhere and dropped a mixtape/dvd combo (Everybody Still Wants a Beat from Dilemma). This time was no different - as it looks like Dilemma and Khemist are working on a monster with this Puzzle Pieces project (check out the 4-track sampler here). That first track, Money's On The Way, goes HARD. Dilemma does his thing with the production, I was impressed with Khemist's lyrics and delivery, and Tyler James brought it all together with the hook.

Check out the track below, and as always, be on the lookout for big things from the Hello World camp.

They'll listen, they'll listen, just give it time/
Cuz we circling and protesting in lines and picket signs/ 
Penetrate the Empires of markets on the globe/ 
My family on my back so I can't afford to fold....