Monday, June 13, 2011

James Drake Mixtape | James Blake x Drake

So I've been hip to James Blake for a while thanks to a couple people around my work and Drake is obviously a favorite to mash them up was genius. Still waiting for the Theophilus Londo/Cudi mashup. Anyways instead of me going on about how cool this tape is check what PIGS & PLANES had to say.


You know this had to happen, right? Two artists as loved as Blake and Drake, and with rhyming names? It’s a mash-up maker’s wet dream. For the James Drake mixtape, BombĂ© & Mr. Caribbean have combined the sounds of Ja… shit, do I really have to explain? You get it. But be warned, there are some glitchy, nightmarish sounds ahead. Probably more for the typical Blake fan than the typical Drake fan, but try it out and see what you think.

Mr. Caribbean said:

“… a soundtrack for sippin Robitussun & Alize in an abandoned cathedral, covered in a velvet blanket with a sexy stranger on a dark night…”

DL: James Drake Mixtape