Friday, June 18, 2010

World Champions - Los Angeles Lakers

Best post game interview of all time?
Shout out to the Hood, his Doctor, his Psychiatrist, his new single for the radio, and gives the interviewer a hug? Definitely a classic moment.

Other Laker related links:
Ron Artest in the interview room (another classic).
Video made for Lil Wayne's track, Kobe Bryant
Snoop, Ice Cube, and Artest on BIG BOY's Neighborhood the day after the big win, clip includes Artest rapping his new single
Kobe post game interview w/ shots fired at Shaq, lol.
Game - Huslin' (Champions Anthem)
DJ Felli Fel feat Ice Cube, Snoop, Roscoe Umali, New Boyz, Chino XL, and Ray-J Lakers Anthem