Monday, June 28, 2010


So these are bangin'. Dustin did a pretty bang up job of describing them, so I'll let the copy/paste function handle today's post.

The weekend is upon us and so is summer- so why not celebrate with our new SUMMER 2010 SHORTS line?
We just launched them on the site in a variety of color options. Forget about playing in these, they were engineered for your vanity. We realize that a lot of you use them as a wardrobe staple anyway, so why not make them more exciting?
UNDRCRWN is changing the 'Shorts' game by adding the following features:
  • Seersucker lining
  • Showstopping Technicolor Shades  
  • Lightweight Breathable Mesh Fabrics
  • Wood Button Detailing
  • Pockets for storage
  • Sparkling Silver accents

Purchase HERE. Colors to choose from include Infared, Orange, Neon, Multi, Sea-Blue, and a Black&White Gingham