Wednesday, January 06, 2010

IM KING x N4EI - Four Eyes

The unlikely pair (no pun intended) collab on a pair of eyeglasses? Interesting. More:
It is only natural to design some facewear that can be worn all day. The concept of the design is to create a frame that is versatile, yet caters specifically to the person wearing them – shape, size, and overall style aesthetic were all equally considered. “The collaboration between N4E1 and IMKing is fresh, because the two brands cater to a completely different group of consumers. N4E1 is more a grown up look, meanwhile IMKING is aimed towards the fun crowd,” said N4E1 Director of Operations, Stephen Lee. “Put both together and you get utter sophistication.”
As trends come and go, Stephen(N4E1) & Andy(IMKING) recognizes the classic factor of these frames and was inspired to conjure up what would be an accessory that can stand the test of time. The frames made of a faux wood-grain texture, stained in a deep brown-black hue, and silver- embossed with the N4E1 and IK signature logos on both opposite arms are nestled in a chic matte-black box and also includes an imprinted lens cleaner. They drop next Friday at and selected retailers.