Sunday, January 24, 2010

DJ Neil Armstrong - Warm and Fuzzy Mixtape

"This is NOT what you want to bump when you're planning your next driveby. It IS the cd you should give your homegirl or emothug on 2-14, it IS something you should listen to if you like all types of music and skills...." - DJ Armstrong.

This mixtape is CLASSIC. Not sure if you remember, but two years ago, DJ Neil Armstrong put together this Warm and Fuzzy Mixtape, with seamless blends between hits from artists such as MJ, New Edition, Alicia Keys, Hall and Oates, Sade, Al Green, Earth Wind & Fire, and many more. Purchase the baby-making package by Feb 3rd for guaranteed delivery by Valentines Day (Includes the hardcopy of the CD and an american-apparel printed "Warm and Fuzzy" woman's thong) for $16.

Or, for those affected by the recession, DJ Neil Armstrong has hooked up a free link to DOWNLOAD on his site. If you burn it, make sure and set the settings so you don't get a delay between songs, because like I said, the mix is seamless. Thanks to Big Boy for the heads up.