Sunday, November 05, 2006

Outlawz feat Stormey, Malachai - Fork In The Road (Video)

Another great video you'll never see on MTV/BET. That's another discussion for another time, but check out this video for Fork In The Road feat Stormey (1st Verse) and Malachai (On the hook). Noble does his thing, and Kastro murders the last verse. Glad to see/hear from Kastro, he hasn't been getting down on as many tracks lately.

The song is from the Outlawz/Dead Prez collab cd, "Can't Sell Dope 4ever". If you like this song, you should pick the cd up for sure, because this is the type of stuff that is on there. I'm not trying to force them down your throats, but if you don't know much about the Outlawz, don't like them, or don't know what they are about, just watch the vid and listen to the words.