Monday, November 20, 2006

Guess who is rockin' The Hundred's now....

yup...the king himself. Both flicks were taken during his recent 'hanger' tour where he performed in 7 cities in 26 hours... you can read an hour by hour account of his tour here

My favorite excerpt from the story:

"While spreading a little mayo on his sandwich, Hov drops the bread on his pants, and it falls to his sneakers. "Oh, that's tragic," he says calmly — about as calmly as you can when using the word "tragic" in a sentence. "Can I get another piece of bread, please?" he asks the flight attendant. " 'Cause it's really the bread that's more pressing," he adds, stressing that his mini meal is more important than the minor stains on his attire. It's not like he doesn't have a lot more clothes with him.3:30 p.m:Sure enough, Jay later emerges from his jet in a new pair of jeans and a white hoodie with pictures of safety pins all over it."

Anyway, shout out to The Hundreds...doing big things (even if their picnic hats fit