Monday, March 03, 2014

The Hundreds - Spring 2014 Lookbook

I would be doing a disservice to you all by providing a write-up on The Hundreds without providing Bobby's insight (copied below). Say what you will about their branding and evolution over the years - but you cannot deny the thought that goes in to each collection. Check out the lookbook here

Spring 2014 is a nod to the ‘90s, although not in the predictable sense. Glancing over – if not ignoring – the more mediated memories of this era, we dig deeper into the true style landscape. This isn’t the ‘90s painted across TRL and teen movies, but the ‘90s of American suburbs and average, cornerstore youth. So instead of grunge and gangster rap references, we looked to Magic Eye™ posters, scrambled porn channels, and lenticular art as media to tell the story of American suburbia at the turn of the millennium.

“The ’90s were such a substantial part of my youth, but in reality my memories of that time period keep fading out. We wanted to come up with this photo idea where the models keep fading out, and then I realized that it probably stems from my obsession with the Back to the Future trilogy.” – Bobby Hundreds