Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adidas Originals Stan Smith by SHIGEKI FUJISHIRO

 Designer Shigeki Fujishiro of Japan had the opportunity to collaborate with Adidas on a pair of Stan Smith's as part of the Play project. I love his simple approach of referencing one of his works rather than to over-design. Check out Fujishiro's explanation of the process after the jump.

I designed the "STAN SMITH PLAY" based on an idea I conceived when working on an exhibition for adidas in the past. After the exhibition, I followed up the idea in order to find a way to re-work Stan Smith and bring it back to the original condition later, because I really like the shoe as it is without any modification.
Thus, I came up with this idea of threading the perforations, which allows you to bring the shoe back to the original condition if you cut and remove the thread. The concept was very simple.