Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rihanna for River Island

So - Rihanna has done a fashion line for River Island. Interesting. Not exactly praised by fashion critics, I guess its what you would expect. 

Funny timing - had brunch with my wife and some friends last weekend and Rihanna came up. The initial comment that led to the discussion was when one of the females at the table described Rihanna as beautiful. There was hesitancy to agree - but she was definitely hard to classify in a one-word adjective. To me, I think the word Beautiful has a certain level of classiness that is attached to it, that Rihanna doesn't always have (as evidenced by her Instagram). Attractive? Gorgeous? Hot? There is no denying that Rihanna looks good, but we had trouble narrowing it down to one-word that could be all encompassing. After all - there are a lot of sides to RiRi - Music Video Rihanna, Photo Shoot Rihanna, Vacation Rihanna, Late night clubbing Rihanna, Award show Rihanna, Instagram Rihhanna, and so on. More after the jump.