Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Leather Braided Rein Key Chain

Obbi Good Label out of Singapore has a lot of quality products - and their London leather hand braided key rein is one of their more intriguing pieces to me. As they say:

The real purpose of these wallet chains are really just for security of the wallet. Spotted on mostly truck drivers in the past, who travel long distance day and night, their fatigue tends to step in during pit-stop breaks. Which often resulted in forgetting to take their wallet after paying for their coffee. Wallet chains like these make sure wallets are not forgotten.
With time, these chains become a decorative, come in all sorts of patterns and style.
Here, without compromising its main function, we hand-braid leather lace into a rein-form – Leather Wallet Rein. Matching our range of wallets, both in style and colours. Each lace is cut to sizes by hand, selecting the toughest potion of the hide. Every braiding tie by hand, pulling, jerking to tightness so as to ensure maximum strength.
Rein length: 14"
Trigger Hook both side
Sometimes it's best to let the artist speak on the product, yeah? Purchase here