Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yellow 108

Bike Cap - Blue

Yellow 108 is a company out of Southern California dedicated to making sustaintable headewear and accessories. In addition to making some slick hats using recycled products - they donate 2% of all sales to LA charities. That's all good and well - but the real question is - can they bring back cycling caps? Check out their current lookbook here, and purchase anything you like here.
Check out Yellow 108's mission after the jump.

Yellow 108 is a Los Angeles based headwear company specializing in sustainable hats and accessories made from salvaged and recycled materials. Salvaged = Saved.

Utilizing materials that are waste from eco textile factories enables us to create a product that is truly unique and a "Limited Edition" from season to season while assisting our factories in minimizing waste and increasing recycling.

The name Yellow 108 is inspired by the color yellow which is associated with sunshine, joy, intellect, and energy. 108 is the Pantone color for a bright and sunny yellow.
Yellow 108 also donates 2% of all sales to local Los Angeles non profits specializing in socially responsible initiatives.