Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Hundreds - Winter 2012

The Hundreds is quick to bring along their look book for the final season of the year - Winter 2012, which you can check out here.  Words from Bobby Hundreds (who shot the collection) are after the jump. 

“The Hundreds Winter 2012 is a testament of the end of the days. We explore the story of Apocalypse throughout the line, the color palette is subdued and devoid of obvious vibrancy. You will see references to scavenger animals like hyenas, coyotes and tigers, acknowledging nature’s new world order after the fall of man. The cut and sew range is built for the rigors of a dark world:  very straightforward and functional, military and utilitarian in essence. For example, waterproof twill outerwear, canvas hooded parkas, even our recurring camouflage renditions are drawn up for the purposes of survival and technical strategy, but with a The Hundreds postmodern twist. Of course, we have fun with the world’s end as well, our atomic smiley-faced character makes a return as a ubiquitous graphic. Some other tee shirts incorporate Adam Bomb as a Mayan calendar or as the epicenter of nuclear holocaust. We hope you can appreciate all of the hard work and consideration we invested in this season, it’s not so much the end, as it is a new beginning for The Hundreds.“