Thursday, October 13, 2011

J.Hop Presents: OSTT Vol. IV.5 | Birthday Edition

Yes it's about that time.... So I figured this time around I'd do something a little different then the norm. Before I talk about the music I want to get into the album cover aesthetics. First all shout out to my buddy Simon you may have seen some more work from him on all those Beats by Dr Dre custom headphones & etc check his site out here: I usually hook up with my buddy Jose but for the bday edition I wanted to give you something rather then receive. I took this photo on the set of our Phiten shoot in NY I'm a goofy person and I like to smile and have fun so I figured why not use this photo?

Title (Birthday Edition IV.5):
As for the title (Birthday Edition & IV.5) - I thought it would be cool on my 27th birthday to give you 27 tracks I really like. As for the IV.5 since this is the 5th version I wanted to please both the hip hop fans and the people who like everything else besides hip hop so this is labeled IV.5 because it's the rap version which goes with the hardcore rap cover.... Not trying to diss rap or make fun of it we actually used some of these props in our upcoming video with Pac Div - Carmelo, Chris Bosh, Eric Gordon & D. Will.

Now to the music! So as I said earlier this time around I did two different versions, a rap version which is this one and a Electronic/R&B/Alternative/Blues version. This one is for the rap heads and has 27 tracks you an see the back cover with all the artist I featured after the jump. These songs are ones that I listen to often and I think they are well produced. So much music comes out on a daily basis its hard for most to keep up. For those of you that do you've probably heard all these songs but I wanted to put together songs by artist that may have flown under your radar. I want to music to do the talking plus I know most of you won't read this so I'll keep it short.

Just wanted to say thanks for those who have downloaded or those who plan on downloading. All I want for my birthday is to share with you songs that I like and artist I like who I think you should go out and support/listen to. No gift or happy bday is required haha I'm a good person and want to give to you more then anything. Most of you know I'll support artist by going to concerts and buying albums so although I may be giving you some songs from albums and that may be illegal I look at it as awareness. So listen, enjoy & support the artist. LOVE YOU ALL

Download: OSTT Vol IV.5 (Birthday Edition)