Thursday, October 13, 2011

J.Hop Presents: OSTT Vol. IV | Birthday Edition

Haaaa so for this one the infamous fro and gold chain. This is actually a picture of me playing piano and not just any piano my job had a anniversary party at Roseanne Barr's house in Malibu and this is me after a couple drink on her piano I played a few keys but nothing special. My buddy Adjmal actually said hey you should make that a album cover and I thought why not. This one fits a little better with the type of music so I hope you enjoy. Shout out again to Simon Blockley or the artwork.

Title (Birthday Edition IV):
So hopefully you read the last low down for why I named it Birthday Edition 27 tracks for my 27th birthday and for those that don't know what OSTT mean it should be pretty obvious but it's (Oh Snaps That's Tight).

So this version is a mixture of a few genres with no rap songs except for maybe a few rap features this is everything but rap. I've told this story before but I've been somewhat blessed with a musical ear because of my pops and so unlike most I listen to all types of music I remember a time when no one would listen to anything but one genre now music is becoming more of a melting pot. I think its great it use to bother me so much when people would only listen to 1 or 2 artist and say these are the only artist that are real or good right now........ BS there is so much music out there and I am super unbiased so hope you like the tracks I selected I think all around this mixtape has some cool sleeper tracks and maybe some you've heard.

Just wanted to say thanks for those who have downloaded IV.5 or those who plan on downloading both or just this one. All I want for my birthday is to share with you songs that I like and artist I like who I think you should go out and support/listen to. No gift or happy bday is required haha I'm a good person and want to give to you more than anything. Most of you know I'll support artist by going to concerts and buying albums so although I may be giving you some songs from albums and that may be illegal I look at it as awareness. So listen, enjoy & support the artist. LOVE YOU ALL

Download: OSTT Vol. IV (Birthday Edition)