Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm sure a lot of you OSTT faithful out there have been noticing a lot of posting of wallets lately - and I can't hide it any longer - the last few months I've been searching high and low for the perfect wallet. While I love the wallet that I've been using the last year - I've come to the conclusion that it has a bit of a Summer-time feel to it. While there is nothing wrong with that on the surface - as a #GAM ('grown-ass man') - I need a wallet that fits accordingly. Check out some of the leading candidates below.

Nooka (Pocket Organizer) - Pictured above. Upgrading to this model doesn't make much sense based on what I'm looking for - but I am a fan of the design. Reminds me a bit of the Oki Ni Jimi Wallet, featured back in October of 2008.
Specs: The Nooka Asset Organizer offers a streamlined alternative to the conventional wallet. Made from silicone and designed to fit in your back pocket or even in a small compartment of your bag, and is available in many bold colors.

Tanner Goods Cardholder - Originally featured on the blog back in July of 2010 - this beauty was sitting in the forefront of the "most likely to be purchased" category - until I caught wind that a member of the crew recently came up on one. That being said - I am still drawn to the simplicity and high-quality products that Tanner Goods puts out - so may end up going with the more traditional Utility Bi-fold.

Thom Brown (Black/Leather) - Previously featured earlier this month, this wallet exudes style and class.
Rosewebs Wallet - Current wallet - again - absolutely love that its so thin, and the fact that it's green (made out of recycled beach chairs) is an obvious plus. Featured April 2010.

Coach (WATERBUFFALO MONEY CLIP CARD CASE) - I had a similar model that I received as a gift in college back in 2003 - and truth be told - it was bomb proof. High quality leather that aged like a charm made the wallet distinguished with age. I like to stay away from the "designer" brands - genuinely because they are over-branded and over-priced from a quality standpoint - but this is a winner. Same with the Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Cardholder/Organizer.

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