Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Freddie Gibbs x Jun Cha x Huey Newton

Friend of Oh Snaps That's Tight - Freddie Gibbs - recently got revolutionary/icon Huey Newton tatoo'd on his back by upcoming LA Tatoo Artist (and The Hundreds collaborator) Jun Cha. With Black History Month upon us - this post wasn't even a question. Check the video/interview segment with both parties over at MissInfo.tv (direct link).

When Huey Newton sat in that iconic wicker chair, grasping both spear and rifle amongst the chaos of 1967, something truly revolutionary was in the air.
Forty-three years later when rapper Freddie Gibbs sat in a chair to have the Black Panther’s most famous image tattooed onto his back by acclaimed artist Jun Cha, an all-together different kind of revolution was brewing. Perhaps it’s only natural that one of hip-hop’s most promising young talents was getting such a meaningful piece by LA’s fastest rising painter, illustrator and tattoo artist.

“It’s a reflection of youth and independent thought,” Jun Cha says from Los Angeles. “It’s a symbol for the freedom of ideas and expression. The Panthers were a group that thought for themselves. It goes hand-in-hand with the young hustlers’ generation today. Most art culture—whether it’s hip-hop, art and design, or tattooing—has had its struggle to be accepted into the larger context of society. And this tattoo is the liberation of that.”