Monday, October 04, 2010

Via Rob: Right now on display at the Guy Hepner gallery in Beverly Hills is the latest work from Jason Alper.  Oh, who him is? If you ever saw Ali G, or Borat and thought to yourself, wow Sascha Cohen has the greatest outfits, he’s so smart.  No, he has a costume designer that does it all for him. Well that costume designer has also been painting and creating art on the side for 20 years and this show is something he thought of last April and got up on the wall this week...the theme is historic paintings with a Louis Vuitton accent. Where Jason grew up in London he said only the poor people wore Louis and the high end brands.  He said “you never see the actual rich or royalty wear it.” So he wondered what these great works of art would look like if they sported LV back then.  It’s kinda funny right?