Sunday, June 07, 2009

S-Double x Vans

Shawn Stussy's NEW jump-off (remember he sold Stussy, Inc in 1996) S-Double recently got together with Vans for these co-branded Vans Syndicates. Check more pics here. Check out S-Double'ssite as well...

Words exclusively from SS "Here is a look at the sneaker that Vans will be selling in shops that sling their Syndicate stuff...I was approached by buddies at Vans to take an existing style they were already running and pick some materials, colors and such... I decided to massage the avsk8lo model because I felt they never gave this model enough love in the choices available... So here you have it, thick waxy leather up front, ballistic nylon where normally canvas would be used... Waxed cotton laces and a red leather footbed with some graphics... This joint will be available in Navy w/white stitching and Black w/black stitching... Sorry I can't tell you exactly where to get this shoe, as S/Double is not involved in the selling or distribution... Ask around at your local shop that sells Vans for some details... This is a Syndicate thing that I guess you could say I guest designed on for them... I really want to get my hands on a pair of those Navy ones... I am feeling the marine, boating vibe of it... Ready for summer"