Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Love College

So I wasn't planning on doing anymore Asher Roth posts since posting his og mixtape last July, but he keeps poppin up, so whatever.

So yeah, posting this mainly cuz Miss Info NAILED it with her commentary:The first single from the next great white hype… he’s got bars though, I’m not hating. Turn this on at any college bar/keg party and watch the madness ensue. Peep the Weezer sample for all you music nerds.

Another thought: This kid has potential to be huge, I think his marketablity can cross over like every genre of music… rap, rock, pop etc fans. He is the same person as the majority of mainstream rap listeners today, but are the kids ready to listen to music from somebody that looks their best friend or do they still want the comic-book character-esque, super thug- gangster 50 cent type to provide their keg party background music?