Saturday, February 21, 2009

G1988 Presents : Idiot Box!!!

This is AWESOME. Our friends over at Gallery 1988 (the "Hot Karl" owned art gallery on Melrose) is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Straight for the Horse's mouth:

We opened Gallery1988 (now known as Gallery1988: LA) 5 years ago in April on the corner of Melrose and La Brea (the same location it stands today). When we first opened one early passerby wished us good luck, since LA was "basically an art mafia that would be hard to break." This person wasn't being rude, just letting us know. Which we thanked him for. But we knew we were opening the gallery basically to make fun of that Art Mafia. The galleries taking themselves so serious, showing the same low-brow motorcycle, babes with skulls, artwork year after year or the venues selling "blue chip" artwork for insane amounts of money when the actual artwork didn't speak directly to anyone (besides being told it was "an investment'). Our goal was to bridge a gap. Katie's background was in USC Art History and Christie's Auction House, while I just knew I'd buy a painting of Super Mario Bros. We wanted to create affordable artwork that spoke to our generation. And now 5 years later...the fact that we're still here, in the same location, is totally crazy to us. And people seem to like our off-base approach to shows. So, it is my pleasure to announce our 5-year Anniversary show.

"Idiot Box" will feature almost 100 artists depicting their favorite television guilty pleasures. The shows you can hardly admit you love, but in all honesty, you LOVE the shit out of them. And yes. On April 2, the night of the opening reception, Dennis "Mr. Belding" Haskins will be hosting the extravaganza to not only celebrate the Gallery's milestone, but also the 20th Anniversary of Saved by the Bell! "Diff'rent Strokes." "Small Wonder." "Double Dare." "Flava of Love." It basically doesn't stop.